The Need for New Technology

Graph showing EQSphere accuracy.

EQSphere’s elegant and versatile design takes advantage of a powerful phenomenon known to and used by industrial chemists since the early 20th century, the falling film. The EQSphere generates a stable and uniform falling film where rapid gas exchange takes place between liquid and gas phases. The substantially spherical surface of the equilibration member captures water and generates and promotes gas exchange across a wide range of flow rates and attack angles. Unimpeded, free flow of water and other fluids prevents clogging, freezing, and flooding—weaknesses of other equilibrator designs. The EQSphere also withstands extreme tipping and physical jostling without loss of function.   

When water is conditioned with a certified CO2/air gas mixture (e.g., 7579 ppm CO2), the EQSphere produces accurate and reliable equilibration, as measured by an infrared gas analyzer.

Graph showing accuracy of EQSphere.
Smithsonian scientists tested the EQSphere’s equilibration accuracy and reliability.


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